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Abhishek | অভিষেক | Bengali Full Movie | Good Quality

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Watch free online Bengali full movie Abhishek : অভিষেক on YouTube. The Bengali Film Abhishek was released in the year 2005 Bengali film starring Tapas Pal, Rituparna Sengupta, Kaushik, Biplab Chatterjee, Soma Dey, Ritu Kayral. The Bengali film is directed by Shankar Roy, Binoy Mukherjee and Swapan Pakrashi Scored the music in the film.


It is a story about a family who took singing as a part of life not as a profession. Dhiren Chakraborty lived with his sons and wife. Dhiren Chakraborty lost his younger child when he was singing in a concert. As a result he took promise from his elder child Abhi to not to sing anywhere. Abhi grew up and went to Kolkata with a distant relative for further studies. Alaka a childhood friend of Abhi who lived in Kolkata loved him a lot and aware of his singing talent. She forced Abhi to take singing as a career. One day Alaka faced a problem while singing in a function. Abhi rescued her by his own voice. As a result, everyone came to know about his hidden talent. Abhi was getting offers from different places, but the promise pulled him to sing. One day he got a chance in radio and his father came to know about his singing and became very angry. After some dramatic incidents, his father insisted and requested him to sing and Abhi took singing as a part and profession of life.

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