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REVENGE-Special Director's Cut Edition| Dipa | Ananda | Sumit Das | Purple Theatre

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Here we present bengali short film REVENGE-Special Director's Cut Edition....
A bank salesman was given ultimatum by his boss that if he could not achieve his target by giving two fresh accounts of any customer he will be sacked. He approaches many customer but nobody responded. Frustrated when he was about to leave the complex a door opens and a woman welcomes him very kindheartedly. He explains the woman about his need of two accounts but feels very awkward seeing the seductive behaviour of the woman. The woman seduces and allures him to unprotected sex and after completion of the sex she is changed altogether and starts laughing. The salesman surprised asks about her radical change. The woman discloses that her husband whom she loved very much injected HIV disease through sex knowingly to her. From that day she uses her body to take revenge on every man available to her. She knows she will die and so was her husband dying in the hospital but she wants revenge only revenge upto her time of death....
Film: Revenge

Starting : Dipa Mitra, Ananda, Tapan Basak, Manish Bagga, Ujjal Pal, Abhisek Roy, Tani Das, Subhashree Ganguly

Director : Sumit Das

DOP: Raja

Music: Krishnendu

Editor: Amit

Story & Script: Amitabha Bhattacherya

Present By: Purple Leaf Entertainment
Hope you will enjoy it.

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