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Top Real Ghost Video 2016 | Real Accident By Ghost | Real Ghost Videos Caught On Tape |Horror Videos

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Top Ghost Video 2016 | Real Accident By Ghost | Real Ghost Videos Caught On Tape | Horror Videos

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Bhangarh Fort (भानगढ) - India's most haunted place (short movie - documentary) "video not for kids"

Kuldhara (कुलधारा जैसलमेर) Ghost Town - India's most haunted place

Raj Kiran Hotel Lonavala (राज किरण होटेल), Mumbai - most haunted place

Shaniwar Wada Pune (शनिवार वाडा पुणे) Haunted Palace - Fort history

Savoy Hotel Mussoorie Haunted (सवॉय होटल-मसूरी) - Most Haunted Palace

Brij raj Bhawan Palace Kota (ब्रिज भवन) Haunted Palace - Hotel history

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Real Ghost Stories or horror tales - Ever tried googling these words? Sixty search pages and hundreds of web sites with millions of

incidences is the result you would get. So, one can imagine the impact these paranormal activities impose on human life. India, a

country with its rich history, certainly filled with mysteries is where you’ ll find legends and folktales about paranormal activities. Are

these true? Nobody knows. Does anyone believe in them?
As such videos are with frightening spirit, they may create disturbance to the mind and belief of viewers. However, there are

extraterrestrial scary ghost videos which may make people think, apart from frightening. Real ghost sighting can be experienced in

CCTV footage, supernatural tapes, ghost story related mythical horror scenes, mystery elevators, hidden cams etc.
Resembling these flickers with some places has been the part and parcel of the stories. Forts, Railway stations, Forests, Ghost

Houses, schools, colleges, hills, mountains and lot many places seem to have reported some or the other super natural incidence.

This is all about real ghost videos. 'Horror Videos is a platform of most freaky and terrifying scary videos. After watching this video it

may be harder for you to make yourself believe that 'GHOSTS DO EXIST'.
We have so many freaky ghost videos in our YouTube Channel which cater chilling scary ghost stories and make people get

frightened. As far as the viewing of our ghost videos are concerned, viewers should pay close attention to the video displaying

screen with utmost forethought. Thus, they can view either scary face or image which may frighten them to the maximum level. In

our certain other scary videos, shocking environments are displayed at the first instance to stimulate fear in viewers with the

presence of evil creatures.
Our world famous real ghost videos are capable to make a vibration to the mental caliber of viewers who are not even believed in

ghosts. You can comfortably view all such real ghost videos in our video channel available in YouTube and spend few time with our


1. Bhangarh Fort, Ajabgarh, Alwar, Rajasthan 2. Kuldhara, Rajasthan 3. D’Souza Chawl In Mahim, Mumbai 4. The Shaniwarwada

Fort, Pune 5. GP Block, Meerut 6. The Vrindavan Society, Thane 7. Dumas Beach, Surat, Gujarat 8. Jatinga, Assam 9. Ramoji

Film City, Hyderabad 10. Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavla, Maharashtra 11. Sanjay Van (Near Qutab Institutional Area), New Delhi 12. Dow

Hill In Kurseong, Darjeeling 13. The Brij Raj Bhavan Palace In Kota, Rajasthan 14. Agrasen Ki Baoli, Hailey Road, New Delhi 15.

Bengal Swamps, West Bengal (Aleya Ghost Lights) 16. Fernhill Hotel, Ooty 17. Mukesh Mills 18. National Library Kolkata 19.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai 20. South Park Cemetry, Kolkata 21. Writers Building, Kolkata 22. Bombay Supreme Court

23. Delhi Cantonment Area 24. Towers Of Silence, Mumbai 25. Malcha Mahal, New Delhi 26. Three Kings Church, Goa 27. The

Lambi Dehar Mines, Mussoorie 28. Kalpalli Cemetery, Bangalore 29. The Mansion, Residency Road, Pune 30. House Number W-

3, Greater Kailash, Delhi 31. Vas Villa- St. Marks Road, Bangalore 32. Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie 33. Khairatabad Science College,

Hyderabad 34. Tunnel 33, Shimla 35. Chandan Nagar, Pune

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